I am Maria, a Finnish art therapist and an embodiment coach. I offer online art therapeutic workshops and embodiment coaching sessions. 


Embodiment coaching

Coaching where body awareness, presence skills, movement exploration and interaction, and trying out new ways of doing things enrich and enliven the conversational coaching process. Come and experience what you can realize by working with the body! I will help you to create a practice plan for yourself to develop the skills and qualities you want to strenghten.


Art therapeutic sessions

Art therapeutic sessions to support self-expression, expression of emotions, exploring and finding creative resources, and gaining clarity in life's situations. You don't need any artistic skills, just an interest in exploring and expressing yourself in creative ways, in an accepting and supportive atmosphere. My approach to art therapy is based on humanistic-existential and trauma-informed models. I don't evaluate or analyze the images, but I help you find your own meanings in them and in the creative process, which is sometimes more important than the images. I will help you to look at your life's situation with more self-compassion and clarity.


Feedback from clients

Here is some of the feedback I have received from my former clients:


Maria guided me gently and professionally, respecting me. She took my thoughts into account every time and created a nice atmosphere where I could be at peace with even difficult thoughts and bodily sensations." 

H.K. Coaching customer feedback


"Maria is a reliable and cordial coach. Body awareness brought something new to the sessions - in addition to just fiddling, I got to experience bodily how something feels, how I react to it and what helps me move forward - functional! Thank you Maria for these times and I think I'll be back when I need to.." 

Pia Kantokari


"I was able to fully immerse myself in the artistic process, and I feel that it helped how sensitively you take into account both individual and group dynamics, and your calm and supportive presence. I felt that the session was surprisingly enlightening and allowed for interesting self-reflection." 

Creative Art Therapy Workshop Participant


Would you like to book a session with me?

My prices include 24 % VAT (value added tax) and I do my work through a working cooperative.


70 euros for 60 minutes coaching session,

60 euros for 45 minutes coaching session


80 euros for 75 minutes art therapeutic session


Please contact me at info@kuunnellen.fi


For groups:


Drumming for well-being

I offer djembe drumming classes for groups of max 14 players. Drumming is a great way to enhance group's cohesion and collaboration and research has shown, that drumming has benefits on social resilience and well-being. Playing the djembe is quite simple and can be learned by watching and listening to others. Playing in the group includes listening, collaboration and shared presence in rhythmic activities. Usually drumming is experienced as an empowering and joyful activity.


I have played the djembe for about 20 years and I've been giving workshops for about 15 years to both adults and school-aged children. I have also taught drumming in the field of mental health and addiction recovery.


Empowering art workshops

A creative group process combining body awareness, creative movement, drawing or painting, writing and sharing the process with others.


Prices for groups are negotiable and depend on the size of the group.



What I have studied:

2002-2006 Art therapy and social welfare work in Karelia University of Applied Sciences

2008-2011 Basic and part of the advanced University Studies in Music Therapy in University of Jyväskylä

2011-2013 Trained masseuse studies

2021, 2022 Embodiment coaching certification, (ICF CCE). Embodiment Unlimited

2022  The Neuroscience of Change. Coaches Rising. (ICF CCE).

2023  Trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapy Foundations course. Trauma Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.

2023 Bilateral Stimulation and Sensorimotor Expressive Arts Therapy (live online). Trauma Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.

2023 and still going on: Psychology studies required in psychotherapy training in Open University of Helsinki